Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Hasty

Matthew Hasty has been teaching piano for over 15 years, and began teaching at NHTunes Music Studio about three years ago. Beginning piano at age 8, he continued playing all the way through High School, College and Grad school. He has a B.A. in Piano performance from Pensacola Christian College and an M.A. in Church Music with a Piano emphasis from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Matt has been leading worship from the piano for 15 years (piano & rhythm band in an improve style) for his church, and for several regional conferences.  He enjoys accompanying soloists and choirs, playing for weddings, funerals, & dinner parties.

Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Hasty

Matt has been leading worship teams for over 15 years!

“I enjoy helping students, both children and adults, fall in love with the art of making music, and seeing them flourish as a musician – hearing them begin to express emotion through their music.”
“I teach students to be relaxed as they learn proper technique.  I work music theory into each lesson to ensure they understand as much of the ‘how and why’ as they can.  I also encourage learning to play from chord charts and beginning improvisation.”
“Overall, my goal is to help inspire a love of music that will fuel a lifetime of musical activities.”
Matt has proven himself as a valuable member of the NHTunes instructor staff, and we’re extremely happy to have him on our team!
If you are interested in scheduling a lesson with Matt, you can do so below.

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