Introducing the Manchester Ukulele Club!

Manchester Ukulele ClubPlaying the ukulele is FUN, and it’s even more fun with a group who shares your musical interests! NHTunes is proud to be the home of the Manchester Ukulele Club! The club meets every Wednesday in our Manchester mill yard studio. The club’s goals are:
  • To HAVE FUN learning the ukulele in a dynamic group setting!
  • To welcome all skill level ukulele players (if you’ve never played a ukulele before, you may be more comfortable taking a few private lessons first – we can help you with that!).
  • Learning new songs and expanding your song repertoire!
  • Learning new chords, strumming patterns, and other techniques.
  • To perform at NHTune’s bi-monthly recitals, which are generally held at nursing homes & similar venues (these recitals are free to club members!).
The club meets each Wednesday 7 to 8pm, at the NHTunes Music Studio, 250 Commercial St. suite 2017, in Manchester NH. The club is lead by NHTunes instructor Bill Godwin. Bill has been sharing his passion for playing music since the late 1970’s and has been playing even longer!  He earned his degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music in 1980, and teaches ukulele, guitar, and bass guitar at the studio. Bill will teach you how to play the ukulele the right way!
How do you join in on the fun? Just show up to one of our meetings! We welcome walk-ins. Meetings cost $10 at the door.  We have free parking in our front lot, with elevator access to the studio. Room fees are included in the tuition.
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Manchester Ukulele Club

Join us for the FUN!

The club book is the fantastic “The Daily Ukulele”, and can be purchased in the studio, or online HERE. We strongly suggest that you purchase your own copy of the book, and bring it with you to club meetings.
Why join a ‘ukulele club’? There are MANY good reasons why the Manchester Ukulele Club may be for you; some reasons are:
  • Share your common interests with others in the group; keep learning fresh with ideas and new techniques from those who share your passion for the ukulele.
  • For many, the dynamics of learning in a group environment can be less stressful & more fun than private lessons.
  • Group membership is less than half the cost of private lessons, with double the play time!
  • Share your music along with other group members at our free recitals; you’ll be amazed at how welcome the group is, and how well the music is received!
  • Receive a consistent stream of new material to master, along with expert instruction to help smooth the learning process.
  • Oh… and the Manchester Ukulele Club is a lot of FUN!!
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