Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH

Ableton Live! is today’s premier software for creating beats

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH; Learn to produce modern beats in Ableton Live! Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, our expert one-on-one instruction in our Manchester NH studio will help you to master Ableton and produce professional sounding beats.

The following topics are covered:

  • Setting up Ableton and your interface
  • Recording midi and audio
  • Using samples and editing to create your own drum beats
  • Using instruments
  • Using effects (EQ, delay, reverb, compression, etc).
  • Exporting your songs

Additional topics covered include song writing and structure, and basic music theory.

Our Ableton Live training is perfect for someone who wants to learn the basics of beat making, or current beat makers who want to learn music theory to enhance their beats.

These lessons are in our Manchester NH studio and are suitable for students of all ages. Many musical genres are covered, and can be tailored to the student’s interest. Most students schedule one class a week for several weeks to gain knowledge in the workflow and features of Ableton Live.

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH; schedule your first lesson with our online scheduler below! Have questions? Contact us HERE, or call 603-660-2208.

Your Instructor, Zane McDaniel, has his BA in Music Business and a minor in Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music Boston.

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