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NHTunes offers the best music and voice lessons in Manchester, and it’s because of our great staff of music instructors! Whether it’s voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, or drums, our qualified instructors teach their music and voice lessons with care and enthusiasm! Our professional studio is spacious, well-equipped, and a comfortable, fun place to learn! We have five student-model pianos for use in music and voice lessons, and guitars on site for student’s use. We have plenty of free evening parking at the studio, and a large waiting area.
Our staff of instructors include the following:
Music And Voice Lessons

NHTunes guitar instructor Bill Godwin

Voice: We have three voice instructors that teach both classical and contemporary style. They have over 50 years of combined teaching experience! Our voice lessons are custom tailored to each student’s needs.
Piano: We have six piano instructors that love to work with all students, from total beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. Our instructors teach at a pace that each student finds comfortable.
Guitar: Our three guitar instructors have all studied at Berklee College of Music! They teach all styles, from rock & blues to flamenco and classical! Our guitar lessons focus on chords and strumming, so that student can play through songs after just a few lessons.
Ukulele: The ukulele is a fun and easy instrument, and our three ukulele instructors will have you playing the ukulele FAST! The ukulele is great for students of all ages, but is especially good for younger students whose smaller hands do well with this instrument.
Our instructors also offer Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet, and more! You can see our instructors in action HERE!

NHTunes is proud to offer music and voice lessons to Manchester, Bedford, Hooksett, Auburn, Goffstown, and surrounding communities. Our half hour private music and voice lessons cost just $27 per half hour! If you are interested in signing up for music or voice lessons, please see HERE.

Music and voice lessons

Our spacious and comfortable music studio is a perfect environment for learning!

You’ll find no better value for music and voice lessons than NHTunes.
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