Music Classes for Kids in Manchester NH

Are you looking for music classes for kids in the Manchester area? NHTunes music school, located inĀ Manchester’s mill yard, offers several options to get both younger students started in music, and teens engaged in their music lessons. We have a professional music studio with over a dozen skilledĀ instructors, and our lessons are some of the most affordable around.

Music Classes for Kids

Children as young as seven can begin guitar lessons… for younger students we recommend ukulele.

For five to seven-year old children who are just getting started in music, we recommend either piano or ukulele lessons. Both instruments are relatively easy to play, and because of that younger students can quickly gain confidence as they make music at their first lesson. Piano is an excellent foundation instrument to learn as musical structure is literally laid out in front of the student. Younger students can also begin percussion lessons, starting with basic beats, metronome matching, and ‘Simon says’ games to work on their sense of rhythm and other basics. Violin is another option for students as young as five.

Music Classes for Kids

Piano is a great foundation instrument that can be learned by students as young as five years old.

For eight year old students, in addition to piano, ukulele, violin, or drums, we can add guitar, or most band instruments including trumpet, flute, and saxophone. Band instrument students that take private lessons have a distinct advantage in the school band! And guitar students that started on ukulele will see that their ukulele skills translate nicely to guitar!
At about 10 the student can begin serious vocal training. Of course, many younger students are interested in singing, and we encourage that in their instrument lessons! But lessons focusing on voice only should wait until the student’s physical elements are in place, which in most cases is between 10 and 11 years old.
So, if you’re looking for music classes in Manchester and surrounding areas, NHTunes has you covered! Our half-hour private lessons are just $29.50, and you can schedule one lesson below to see if the studio is a good fit for you and the student – with no sign-up fee!
If you have questions, you can contact us HERE, or call us at 603-660-2208.

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