Music Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Music And Voice Lessons

Music Lessons

Music lessons can have great benefits

Music lessons; are you considering music or voice lessons? Great!! We welcome you to Manchester NH’s best music studio to learn to play or sing, and have a lot of fun! This FAQ guide may answer any questions regarding music or voice lessons. If not, feel free to contact us HERE,  or call the studio at 603-660-2208.

  • Are music lessons important for my child?
    • There are so many benefits for children that take structured music or voice lessons; to name a few: lessons improve academic, physical, & social skills, teach discipline and patience, boost self-esteem, and introduce students to other cultures.
  • How expensive are music lessons? Voice lessons?
    • Private half-hour music or voice lessons are $25, and are generally held once a week. It’s best to find a day and time that would work on most weeks, because consistency is key when learning an instrument or to sing.
  • If I decide to start taking music lessons, do I need to pay for an entire semester?
    • No! For new students, for their first month, we simply ask to pay one lesson ahead. You will receive a bill for each lesson online and can pay by credit card, or check/cash at the studio. After their first month, students are billed monthly.
  • What happens if I need to skip a lesson?
    • No problem! If you let us know 24 hours in advance your lesson will be rescheduled.
  • Do you offer group music lessons?
    • We occasionally run group classes, such as ukulele or Native American flute. Most of our lessons however are private.

      Music Lessons

      Recital at Mt. Carmel Nursing Home

  • What about recitals? Do you have any??
    • We believe repeated performances is the key to developing confidence through music. We therefore run monthly recitals at nursing homes and other similar venues, and a larger holiday recital at the Faith Bridge church in Manchester. All recitals are free to students, and family members/friends are welcome to attend!

We appreciate your interest in music lessons! If you need any additional information, feel free to contact us HERE,  or call the studio at 603-660-2208.

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