NHTunes Music Studio… Our Story

NHTunes began in July of 2010 in a sublet suite in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester NH by then IT project manager Bob Desmarais. Although an IT manager by profession, Bob’s real passion was music.  Bob’s vision was to open a full service music studio that offered music and voice lessons, as well as recording services. He continued part time with his new business, working days at his IT job and nights at the studio through the remainder of 2010, and most of 2011. By the fall of ’11, he had acquired three additional music instructors (two of which are still with us!), and NHTunes had grown to almost 40 music and voice students. Forecasting steady growth, Bob decided to go full time with the business. He left his IT job of nearly 25 years in November 2011.

NHTunes Music Studio... Our Story

Circa 2011, our original 900 sq ft space in Manchester’s Waumbec mill. On the right are two of the three lesson/recording rooms.

With more time to work on promotion, by late 2012 the studio had grown its student base to over 60, and with only three lesson rooms (which also doubled as recording rooms) and six instructors, it was obvious that NHTunes was quickly outgrowing its original 900 sqft space. In early 2013, a tenant down the hall left, providing an opportunity to acquire more space. Shortly thereafter, the studio signed an agreement for build out of a new 1800+ sqft space – double the original studio size – complete with with six lesson rooms, and a dedicated recording studio. The new space was officially opened in the spring of 2013.
NHTunes Music Studio... Our Story

The new space – our comfortable waiting area seats 12

By the end of 2015, the studio had eight music and voice instructors, and over 90 music students! This steady growth is mainly attributed to word-of-mouth advertising combined with a strong web presence, and an extremely streamlined online lesson sign-up process.

As of early 2019, NHTunes now employs a dozen voice and music instructors, and and our student base is quickly approaching 150! The recording studio continues to keep busy recording soloists, bands, and voice overs for radio and commercial spots. We’ve recently renewed our current space lease for five more years, and at this rate of growth, scheduling open lesson rooms may be challenging before our lease expires!

NHTunes Music Studio... Our Story

Five of our six lesson rooms

All of us at NHTunes would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our customers for allowing us to realize the dream of doing something we love, while providing a service that we find extremely fulfilling.
Thank You! We hope to be serving you for many years to come.
NHTunes Music Studio... Our Story

Our current recording studio (2019)

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