NHTunes music studio: More than private music & voice lessons!

If you think that our music studio offers only private music and voice lessons, you’re in for a surprise! In addition to lessons, our Manchester NH studio offers a wide range of music related services, including group music classes, recording and voice over courses, birthday parties, and an on-site professional recording studio! Here are details on our services.

music and voice lessons, music lessons, voice lessons, singing lessons

Our in-house recording studio features some of the best gear in the business!

  • Our on-site recording studio features great rooms, and some of the best gear around. We have top-of-the-line instruments available for our clients use. We have years of experience working with artists from the local to the national level. We record bands, singers, soloists, and voice-overs for radio and TV. Our affordable rates even include an engineer to run the session!
  • Our ukulele group meets weekly in the NHTunes music studio for a fun-hour of strumming and learning songs! The group meets each Wednesday evening at 7pm, and walk-in’s are welcome! The cost for the hour session is just $10!

    music and voice lessons, music lessons, voice lessons, singing lessons

    NHTunes is home to the Manchester Ukulele Club!

  • Our Audio Engineering course is designed to teach students to record and mix their own music. The non-credit course if offered through Manchester Community College, and generally runs on Saturday mornings 10am-noon, in our professional recording studio. Students work with real-world ses sions to learn the tools used to create a great mix: compression, EQ, and gating.
  • Our Voice Over course is perfect for someone considering a career in the field of voice over! The course takes place in the NHTunes recording studio, and is taught by voice over artise JC Haze,  a 35 year broadcast and voice over professional. Courses generally run on Monday evenings.
  • Birthday parties!! Let us host your party in our professional recording studio, and it will be a party that will always be remembered as the coolest birthday party ever! The lucky recipient and up to five friends will have a ball singing in our professional sound booths – they’re sure to feel like a rock star!!! The songs are mixed down at the party, and each person gets their very own CD!
  • Music and Voice lessons – of course, we need to mention the wide range of instruction offered by our ten professional music instructors. We offer instruction in the following areas:
    • Voice
    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Mandolin
    • Trumpet
    • Flute
    • Saxophone

We also offer gift certificates for music and voice lessons, and studio time!!
NHTunes… we’re more than private music & voice lessons!

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