Online Lesson FAQ

What do I need for an online music or voice lesson?

All you need is a laptop or a tablet computer (or a desktop with a webcam & speakers) that is connected to the internet. Many people just use their smart phone.

Do I need special software?
We use zoom meeting. If you do not have it, log in a couple of minutes early for your first lesson, and there will be a button to install the app. It’s easy and takes just a minute.


Where do I log in for the lesson?
We will send you a link in advance of your lesson. Just click on it at your lesson time (we recommend logging in a couple of minutes in advance of your first lesson to give us a buffer to work out any technical issues which are thankfully few and far between).


How do online lessons work?
Online lessons are very similar to in-studio lessons. Other than not meeting in-person, many facets of the lesson remain unchanged. Unlike pre-taped lessons, our instructors will ‘instruct’, critique, and interact just like an in-studio lesson.


The best approach may be just to try an online lesson to see if it’s a good learning option for you. Most of our students really enjoy their online lessons; they are not only convenient, but they are an excellent way to continue learning if you’re unable to come into the studio.
It you’re ready to schedule an online lesson, just click HERE and choose your area of interest.
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