Online Ukulele Lessons – Learn The Ukulele Without Leaving Your Home!

Online ukulele lessons

Online ukulele lessons are FUN!

The ukulele is a FUN instrument that is easy to play. NHTunes offers adult online ukulele lessons which will get you playing fast! We try to make online ukulele lessons an equal experience to that of in-house lessons, minus the travel time! Our qualified instructors will walk you through the basics, and will have you playing songs in no time! Our half-hour private online ukulele lessons are just $29.50.

 Are you interested in trying out our online ukulele lessons? NHTunes makes it EASY – and you can try a single lesson with no registration fee or long-term commitment!
1) Schedule a single lesson with our online scheduler below. You can schedule a single lesson ($29.50) with NO registration or sign-up fee.
2) After your first lesson, if you find the the lessons and your instructor to be a great fit and would like to continue with your online ukulele lessons, you can schedule your next lesson.. either schedule it online, or just let your instructor know.
You can schedule an online ukulele lesson here:

What do you need to try our online ukulele lessons? You’ll need a computer with a camera, a speaker and a microphone (most laptops or tablets will work just fine with their build-in hardware), a standard internet connection, and a ukulele… that’s it! We use the zoom app for our lessons. If you don’t have it on your device, simply log in a few minutes before your first lesson and there’s a button to download it.. that’s it!

What can you expect from our online ukulele lessons? FUN! Our adult beginner online ukulele lessons emphasize chords, strumming, and playing songs, without having to learn to read music. Your first lesson will consist of learning three chords; once you learn those 3 chords, they can be used for playing many, many songs.

If you would like to learn a specific song on ukulele, you can select it when you schedule you’re lesson. Our professional instructors will teach you the song!

We pace our lessons at YOUR pace, so you can learn in a fun and relaxed manner. We will even send you the documents that you’ll need for your lesson, at no additional cost!

Online ukulele lessons make a GREAT gift; our gift certificates can be purchased HERE. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us HERE.

If you are looking to learn the ukulele, and would like to learn without the hassles and expense of traveling, we hope that you will consider our online ukulele lessons!

Our Instructors Of Online Ukulele Lessons

Bill Godwin

Online Ukulele Lessons

Instructor Bill Godwin

Bill has been sharing his passion for playing music since the late 1970’s and been playing even longer! He currently plays in a wide variety of bands and situations covering classic rock , jazz, folk, country and pop tunes. He also plays solo and in his church.  Bill earned his degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music in 1980. His current students range in age for 7 to 75. “You are never too old to learn  or to improve your guitar playing!” With his music education background, Bill specializes in teaching students of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Bill also teaches Ukulele, Banjo, Music theory, Harmony and Ear training.
If you are an online learner and would like to schedule online ukulele lessons with Bill, please click HERE to inquire on available openings.

Online Ukulele Lessons

Instructor Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown
Ethan has his B.M. in Music Education, and B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance from UNH. He has extensive music teaching experience, interning at Mast Way Elementary School, and teaching Saxophone at Moharimet Elementary School. Ethan enjoys playing & teaching many different styles of music including jazz, to classical, flamenco, folk, pop, and hip hop.
If you are an online learner and would like to schedule online ukulele lessons with Ethan, please click HERE to inquire on available openings.
Bob Desmarais

Online Ukulele Lessons

Instructor Bob Desmarais

With nearly a thousand live performances to his credit, guitar/ukulele instructor Bob Desmarais has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He’s a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University (MBA), and Berklee College Of Music (Guitar certificate), and has been teaching guitar professionally for almost 10 years. Bob still performs in the acoustic duo ‘Sonic Boomers’, and also runs the NHTunes recording studio.

Bob specializes in teaching beginner adult students. His method is simple: learn a few easy chords, learn basic strumming, then jump right into playing songs. Students should be playing songs after just a couple of lessons!
Although Bob is a proficient sight reader, he prefers not teaching reading to his adult students, instead focusing on chords, strumming, and song playing.
If you are an online learner and would like to schedule online ukulele lessons with Bob, please click HERE to inquire on available openings.

Online Ukulele Lessons – Learn The Ukulele Without Leaving Your Home!

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