Our Music Lesson Philosophy Is Simple… Mix Fun & Learning!

Music Lesson Philosophy

Our music lesson philosophy is simple… mix fun & learning!

NHTunes prides itself on our student longevity, and the reason so many students are in it for the long haul is simple; NHTunes makes lessons FUN, all the while remaining productive and enhancing our student’s musical growth.

For younger students, most of the lesson time is focused on working on actual songs that they know, which helps to keep their interest in learning and practicing. There is nothing more exciting than playing a song that you know and like after just a few lessons! Understanding the importance of reading music and formal music training for younger students, we will also spend some time on those skills in the lessons so that they continue to progress in that area. If the student later decides to join jazz band in school, or perhaps even pursue a music education degree, they will be prepared!
Music Lesson Philosophy

Adult lessons don’t necessarily need to focus on reading music

For adult students, the focus is more on playing and less on the formal side. Many adults just want to learn to play and sing, and are not interested in learning to read music (which is an optional skill for most musicians; in fact, many famous musicians can’t read music at all!). So, adult lessons focus on chords and playing actual songs, with less on the theory side (unless of course the student so desires). So, if you’re an adult that’s been putting off music lessons because you don’t want to go through the pains of learning how to read music, fear no more!
NHTunes has been giving lessons for over five years in Manchester’s mill yard to students from Manchester, Bedford, Auburn, Londonderry, Hooksett, Goffstown, and other surrounding communities, and we’re proud to say that we have some students that have been with us nearly this whole time. We believe this is so because of our music lesson philosophy; ¬†we mix fun and learning!
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