Overcome Performance Anxiety

Are you a performer who suffers from the most common phobia in the United States? Is your anxiety so severe that it’s derailing your performances? When performing, do you feel like a ‘passenger’ rather than the ‘driver’? Do you just want to enjoy performing?

It’s time to take charge! Performance anxiety, a.k.a “stage fright” is very real, but treatable; and we can help!

NHTunes believes that ‘performance’ is an important component of overall musicianship, and we’ve helped many students overcome performance anxiety. We can help you too:
  • Learn to overcome performance anxiety and even look forward to & enjoy performing!
  • Learn to ‘drive’ your performances rather than being a ‘passenger’.
  • Minimize disruptions in performances due to anxiety.
  • Everyone makes mistakes – learn to handle performance mistakes properly.
  • Be in command of your performances.
  • Work with your audience and even get their participation.
We’re here to help you to overcome performance anxiety. We can develop a customized plan which may include music and/or voice lessons to prepare you for your performances, and free performance opportunities.
Are you interested in finally becoming a better and more at-ease performer? Please fill out and submit the form below for a no-obligation customized plan. We’ll e-mail you within 24 hours. You can then decide if you’d like to begin your journey to become a more relaxed and competent performer – the performer you’ve always wanted to become.

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