Recording Studio Gift Certificate – the perfect gift for the vocalist or musician in your life!

recording studio gift certificate

Our spacious studio, located at 250 Commercial St, suite 2017, Manchester NH

NHTunes offers recording studio gift certificates for time in our professional recording studio – the perfect gift for young and old musicians alike! You can purchase gift certificates in 2 and 4 hour increments. Each hour that you purchase includes an audio engineer whose job it is to insure a smooth running, great sounding recording session! It’s an affordable gift that will be remembered for years to come.

What can your recording studio gift certificate be used for?
  • Voice recordings – Many folks come into the studio to r
    recording studio gift certificate

    Our studio features some of the best equipment the industry has to offer

    ecord themselves singing to backing tracks (you can purchase high quality backing tracks for just a couple of dollars each HERE). The backing tracks are loaded into our system, and the vocalist sings to them in our specially treated sound booth. Most people complete two or three songs in a two hour session, and leave with their songs on a CD that day! The final product sounds great, and it’s an experience that both young and old will really enjoy. Do you know someone that likes to sing? This is a perfect gift!

  • Singer/Song writer – Singer/songwriters will enjoy recording in our studio. Many of these folks are performers making demos to find more work; sometimes the recording is a keepsake for the performer him or herself, or perhaps to give as a gift. Whatever the reason, any singer/songwriter would love a gift of a recording studio gift certificate for time in a professional studio.
  • Full Bands – Do you know somebody
    Recording studio gift certificate

    The view of our studio looking out from vocal booth #2

    in a band? They would LOVE time in a pro studio! Many bands come in the studio to either record their original music, or to record covers to distribute to venues in order to get more gigs. Our studio easily accommodates a full band, and they’ll never sound better! And best of all, many times a band can record two or three songs in just 4 hours!

A recording studio gift certificate is a great gift for the musician in your life! You can purchase your gift certificate below (scroll down to “Studio Time”) and will be e-mailed back a printable gift certificate within 24 hours that you can give to the lucky recipient. When they are ready to book their session, they can do so using our online scheduler! (details are on the gift certificate).

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