Recording Studio in Manchester NH

Recording Studio

NHTunes is a GREAT studio to record your project!

Make Manchester’s NHTunes YOUR recording studio! We know what it takes to make great sounding recordings, and our recording studio is fully equipped to do so. Our experience, combined with our great sounding rooms, and some of the best equipment in the business, make for a GREAT finished product that you can be proud of, all at an affordable price.

We record: singers to backing tracks, singer/songwriters, full bands, and voice overs for radio/TV/internet distribution (see partial credits HERE). We’ll also mix your tracks which you can upload for us.
Our rates start at just $60/hr, which includes an engineer to run the session. Most times, clients leave their session with mixes!

See a behind-the-scenes clip of an actual full band session in our recording studio HERE.

Recording Studio

Our Midas F32 Mixer

At NHTunes, we know that great recordings start with great rooms, microphones, preamps, conversion, monitoring, and instruments.
Great Rooms
  • Our recording studio is spacious, air conditioned, and well lit. We have two vocal booths (one small, one large) that are fully treated for both reflections and isolation, ensuring that great ‘in your face’ vocal recording. Our main room is a large 24′ x 36′ with 15 foot ceilings. We have a drum booth to control drum bleed.

    Recording Studio

    Our Neumann U87

Great Microphones
  • We own an excellent selection of microphones including: Neumann U87 and TLM102, Shure SM7b and SM81, AGK 4000CB, Lewitt LCT 540, and many, many more! We have over 20 condenser microphones alone for our clients use, plus a set of Avantone dynamic drum mics and other dynamics.
Great Preamps  
  • We have some of the best preamps in the business, including Neve, Grace, Chameleon Labs, A Designs, Daking, Aphex, Midas, and more!
Great Conversion
  • We have one of the best converters available: a Lynx Aurora, whose only job is to convert analog signals to digital for recording, then from digital back to analog for monitoring. This top-notch unit converts at an ultra high level to assure the best, cleanest recordings possible.
Great Monitoring
  • During recording, we have five Behringer personal monitors available so that each band member can dial in their own custom headphone mix. Our mixdown monitoring system consists of Event 20/20 8″ mains, with Avantone mix cubes for an optional mix comparison. Our mixes are run through a Midas F32 mixer and a JDK Mix Bus compressor before being recorded to high definition SD. Our accurate monitoring system ensures that mixes translate well to all systems outside of our recording studio.
Great Instruments
  • Looking for an instrument upgrade for your recordings? Our recording studio has a nice selection of professional musical instruments for our client’s use, including:
    • Guitars: Electric: Fender ’79 Stratocaster, Fender original 60’s Jaguar, Acoustic: Martin Jumbo Mahogany, Bass: Fender Precision (MIM)
    • Amp: Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 tube amp
    • Piano: Kawai upright (2021)
    • Drum Kit: Gretsch Drums Renown 5-Piece (drummers are welcome to bring their own kit)
    • Other: Congas (Matador), bongos, and various percussion instruments.

Well there you have it! You can schedule a recording session using our convenient online scheduler below. You can also schedule a FREE recording studio tour HERE (or take a virtual tour HERE).

Have questions? Feel free to reach out HERE, or call us at 603-660-2208.

NHTunes is located in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester’s historic mill yard (250 Commercial St, Manchester NH 03101). Our studio offers: free on-site parking, elevator/ramp access, a spacious waiting area, a clean and a professional music studio with six air conditioned lesson rooms as well as security cameras in each room. We’re proud to service Manchester and surrounding areas (Bedford, Merrimack, Londonderry, Hooksett, Auburn, Candia, Concord, Derry, and Goffstown).

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