Recording Studios in Manchester NH

When it comes to recording studios in Manchester NH, NHTunes is your BEST choice. Why?

Pro results: NHTunes delivers professional results period. We have the knowledge, experience, rooms, and the gear to create an amazing final product.


Affordable: Rates for studio time are just $60/hr, and this includes a recording engineer! An estimate for a  full-band EP of 5 songs is just $450. Why wait??

Great gear: NHTunes has top-notch gear: a huge mic cabinet with microphones from Neumann, Lewitt, Blue, AKG, Audio Technica, Avantone, and many more! We have a 500-series preamp rack loaded with preamps from Neve, Daking, Grace, Chameleon Labs, and more! Although we record digitally (with a top of the line Lynx AD/DA converter), we also run an analog mixer (Midas) and some analog outboard gear to combine the ease of digital recording and editing with the great warmth that analog gear can provide.


Great rooms: At 1800+ sq ft, NHTunes is the largest recording studio in Manchester NH! We have twin vocal booths that are treated with Auralex and sound great on voice and acoustic guitar tracks! We also have a large common area (500+ sqft) with 18-foot ceilings for an absolutely huge drum sound!


One-Stop-Shop: NHTunes can record, mix and master your project. We can also assist with production!


If you or your band is looking at recording studios in Manchester NH, why look anywhere else? NHTunes offers it all at a very affordable rate. Schedule your studio time below, or contact us HERE with questions.

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