Singing Lessons in Manchester NH

Singing Lessons in Manchester NH … What To Expect. What can you expect when you take singing lessons in our Manchester NH studio? First off, congratulations on taking the first step… by signing up for singing lessons in our Manchester NH studio you are showing that you’re taking your vocal talent seriously. Lessons start with the basics: posture & breathing. These are especially important foundations towards achieving a great voice. Once those are in place, singing lessons will focus on important elements such as pitch, range, and diction/articulation. These elements will be achieved through proper instruction and vocal exercises. Students will learn to singer in a correct method so they can sing without damaging their voice. A proper warm-up exercise is an important part of healthy singing. And of course, voice lessons will include singing the student’s favorite songs! Students should pick their familiar songs with a simple melody and limited range to start. We offer two recitals per year, so students can work towards the recital and better their performance skills… and eventually rid of those performance jitters! To start your voice lessons in our Manchester NH studio, use this form ( and we’ll give you a call to setup a studio tour and discuss lessons in detail, or just call our studio at 603-660-2208!

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