Thinking of taking the summer off from music lessons? You may want to think again.

Are you thinking of taking the summer off from your music or voice lessons? Here are a few good reasons why you should consider continuing your lessons year-round.
Many music students decide to take the summers off and resume their lessons in the fall when school restarts. While we all deserve to enjoy our summers, continuing your music education through the summer can add to the summer enjoyment, as well as to keep students moving in the right direction!
Summer music lessons

Which activity would you rather see your kids focus on this summer?

The number one reason we hear for stopping is that the students will be away for a few weeks. We have no problem accommodating make-up lessons for those away weeks, and if you’re serious about learning it’s much better in the long run to take a couple of weeks off rather than a few months.
Without the stress of school work, summers allow for more practice time, and can be a great daily activity for the student. With the additional time, our instructors can set specific music achievement goals with the student for the summer.
One benefit of continuing lessons through the summer is that students won’t need ‘catch up’ time in the fall. It often takes students a full month or more to get back to where they were before the break. That means that students who learn through the summer will be four or five months ahead of those who don’t!

Another reason to continue through the summer is that the student can continue to participate in our recitals, which we do run through the summer. It’s a great opportunity for the student to continue to build on their performance experience!

Summer music lessons

Our flexible scheduling makes continuing your lessons though the summer a breeze!

Lastly, over a third of the students that stop for the summer do not start back in the fall. Their original intention is to take a couple of months off, and in that time off interest is lost, and their original goals are somehow forgotten. It’s sad for some in that they’ve worked hard and come a long way in building a skill that would have been with them for life.
If you’re thinking of taking the summer off, please remember that there are so many reasons to continue throughout the summer, and very few good reasons not to!
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