Take Music Classes This Summer At NHTunes! Several Exciting New Course Offerings!

We have several exciting music courses offered this summer at NHTunes. Call our studio at 603-660-2208 or e-mail [email protected] for more information on any of these courses.

Music Theory Course starts Friday June 6th


Learn, how to read sheet music and how it pertains to your instrument, scales and how they relate to each other, major and minor chords, chords in each key, inversions, and much more! The music theory class in Manchester NH (held in the NHTunes studio) starts Friday June 6th, 6:30-8pm, and runs or four consecutive Fridays.  The class is taught by music instructor Micah Blake, who has his Master’s Certificate from Berklee College Of Music. The cost for the course is $100. You can register for the course here: http://nhtunes.biz/product/music-theory-class/

Native American Flute Course starts Tuesday June 10th

amiThe flutes have arrived and we are preparing for the next Beginner Native American Style Flute course which begins June 10th! These beautiful flutes are made by “Kuzin Bruce” in Woodland Park CO. They have a gorgeous sound and are very easy to play.

The Native American Style Flute is an instrument anyone can play. No musical experience is necessary. Discover yourself as an intuitive musician, a spiritual song teller, a deep and conscious breathing life source.

The course runs for six weeks and begins on Tuesday, June 10th from 7-8:15 pm. Class will be taught at NH Tunes in the Waumbec Mill at 250 Commercial St., Suite 2017 at in the Manchester Millyard. Cost for the course is $245 and includes all materials and classes.


Live Sound Course starts Saturday June 14th

Designed for beginners learn to live sound, this 4-week (8 hour) course covers key live sound reinforcement basics, such as microphones, mixers, equalizers, compressors & other effects, speakers, crossovers, and more. Taught at the NHTunes recording studio in Manchester’s Millyard, lab sessions demonstrate how to properly set gain structures, use EQ’s and compression, send & insert effects, and more. The 4-week course will run at the NHTunes studio on Saturday mornings, 10am-noon, beginning June 14th. Cost is $150. To register for this course, please call Manchester Community College’s Workforce Development Center at (603) 206-8161.

Voice Over Course starts Monday July 14th

DSCF4226When you sign up for these “INTRO TO VOICE OVER” classes, JC Haze shares his wealth of knowledge to help you get started in your OWN voice over career! JC will coach you through scripts and help you be the best voice actor you can be!

You’ll learn:

  • How to voice commercial copy and narrations
  • Pay-to-Play websites
  • How to audition
  • How to dissect a script
  • Multiple-person scripts
  • How to build your OWN studio, for UNDER $500
  • Much more!

And much more!
Sign up TODAY!! To sign-up, click here: http://nhtunes.biz/product/voice-over-class/

Classes are $199, and begin July 14th, and run for 4 consecutive Mondays, through August 8th, from 6-8pm.  They take place at NHTunes recording studio, in Manchester’s historic Millyard!

Audio Engineering Course starts Saturday July 19th

Do you want to learn more about recording and mixing? Do you record and mix and home and are looking to up your game? Checkout our Audio Engineering course!

Our Audio Engineering course can be thought of as a general recording and mixing course, and is perfect for musicians and non-musicians alike that record and mix at home. The 4-week course covers the entire signal chain from microphones to studio monitors, and everything in between. It covers key concepts like Insert vs. Send, compression, EQ, gating, and more. One class is devoted entirely to mixing down tracks from an actual studio session.


Simply put, our recording class in Manchester NH is designed to educate you so that you can create better mixes from your studio that translate well.

Our next class starts Saturday July 19th, and the cost is $150. You can register for the course by calling MCC at (603) 206-8161. If you have any questions on the course, please call the studio at (603) 660-2208.

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