Upcoming Courses at NHTunes

In addition to music and voice lessons, Manchester’s  NHTunes teaches Voice Over and Audio Engineering courses. See below for our latest course offerings.

Learn Voice Over!

Our Voice Over course is perfect for someone considering a career in the field of voice over! The course takes place in the NHTunes recording studio, and is taught by voice over artise JC Haze, a 35 year broadcast and voice over professional. Courses run on Monday evenings from 6-8pm. Begin your career in voice over – click below for details and sign-up information!

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Learn to Record and Mix!

Our Audio Engineering course is designed to teach students to record and mix their own music. The non-credit course is offered through Manchester Community College, and runs on Saturday mornings 10am-noon, in our professional recording studio. Students work with real-world sessions to learn the tools used to create a great mix, focusing on the application of compression, EQ, and gating.

See our Audio Engineering courses and sign-up HERE, more details on the course HERE.


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