Voice Recording in NH – Maybe you really are that good!

VO_MicAre you one of those people who loves to sing when nobody’s listening? Do you sometimes wonder if you have a talent for singing? What about your family members? Hear any of them singing a lot? Chances are that if you have music in you, express it vocally and sound pretty good to yourself, you probably sound good to others as well. A quality voice recording is the best way to find out how good your singing truly is.


Obtaining a high quality voice recording in NH can be difficult. Unless you know someone with a professional grade studio vocal recording booth, you may end up settling for whatever microphone and recording equipment you can find in your circle of friends. In many cases, the end result of using an amateur audio setup is disappointing because high quality vocal recording requires special equipment, the right acoustical environment and a unique set of skills to record and mix.

Here’s where NHTunes can help. If you’re looking for an affordable solution to getting a broadcast quality voice recording, complete with backing soundtracks, you just found the best place in NH to record your singing. We make it fun and easy for you!

NHTunes works with singers of all ages in our professional studio which includes two separate vocal booths. These booths are separated by soundproof glass for better visual communication.

Producing a high quality recording of your singing is fun and the results will amaze you! Listen to an actual session sample: 


Here are 3 easy steps to make it happen:

  1. Select your backing tracks.

We usually work with karaoke-version.com where you can select great sounding background music tracks to go with your vocals. They have a great selection of songs which are only a about $2/each. We can help you with selection or you can provide backing tracks of your own. What’s really great about these digital tracks is you can change keys on most of the songs to match your vocal range. Just remember to bring in the tracks on a USB stick or a playable CD when you arrive for your session.

  1. Schedule your recording session.

Voice recording sessions are just $60/hour with a two hour minimum. Here’s what you can expect: Work closely with an experienced musical audio engineer in-studio, producing a labeled CD. Most customers are able to finish two or three songs in two hours, and will leave with a professionally recorded, great sounding CD! To schedule your voice recording time, please call our Manchester NH studio at 603-660-2208 and allow at least two weeks lead time.

  1. Practice, practice, practice to your backing tracks!

Making the most of your studio recording time means being prepared and having a healthy singing voice on the day of your appointment. A prepared vocalist leads to a smoother session and a better sounding mix. Any experienced vocalist will tell you: Practicing against your backing tracks and having a prepared voice will pay off big during your session.

voice microphoneIt’s easy and affordable to record your best singing voice so just call us at 603-660-2208 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Keep in mind, a 2-hour voice recording session makes a great gift for the singer in your life. If it’s you who love to sing, maybe it’s a gift you can feel good about giving yourself!

Are you ready? Go ahead and book studio time below. You can select a day and time that works best for you with our online scheduler. Looking for a full band recording session? Click HERE.

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