Voice Recording Special!

Voice Recording Special

Our recording sessions are fun, and the professional results will amaze you!

Have you been told you have a great voice? Or, do you just sing for fun? Get a professional recording of yourself singing for just $50 with our voice recording special! This deal includes one hour of time in our professional recording studio, a mix of the final product, and even the engineer!

How does it work?
1) Purchase the voice recording special HERE.  You’ll receive a confirmation and link to schedule when you are ready to come in.
2) Download your backing track from https://www.karaoke-version.com/ (or a similar site) and load it on a memory stick.
3) Ready to record? Schedule your session with the link provided on the confirmation.
4) When it’s time for your session, arrive with your backing track, and have a blast! Our engineer will take care of things and make sure you have a fun session.

After you record your vocals, our mix engineer will apply compression, EQ, auto tune (if needed) and other effects to make it sound great! We’ll then mix your song down and put the final mix on your stick.

Do you know someone who loves to sing? This makes a great gift! You’ll receive a printable gift certificate via e-mail which you can present to the lucky recipient, and they can schedule the session when they are ready to come in!

Purchase this deal HERE before it’s gone!

Producing a high quality recording of your singing is fun and the results will amaze you! Listen to an actual session sample: 

Hurry, the voice recording special is a limited time offer!

See more about our professional recording studio HERE. Interested in music or voice lessons? Learn more HERE.


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