What Are Music Lessons Like At NHTunes?

Music Lessons at NHTunesWhat are music lessons like at NHTunes? Whether you take lessons with guitar, piano, voice, drums, or any of the other instruments we offer at our studio, the same philosophy applies: music lessons should be FUN!

First and foremost, music lessons should be enjoyable. After all, if a student doesn’t enjoy a lesson, how likely are they to continue learning? At NHTunes, we try to make our lessons fun and enjoyable, and not a tedious half hour of learning musical scales.

Equally important however is this: there should be a clear take-away from each lesson as to the material that the student should practice between lessons to continue progressing. It’s important that the student know what they should be working on before the next lesson to continue progressing on their instrument. We’re happy to review this with the parents of our younger students.

Let’s face it…. it’s a busy world for both adult and younger students. It’s important to try to fit in some practice time daily. However, the reality is, there will be some days or even an occasional week where there is little or possibly no practice time. The important thing is that the student continue on with lessons and, for weeks with no practice time, pick up where they left off and try for an upcoming week with more practice time.

The key to being successful in your musical endeavors, as with many things in life, is to stick with it for the long term through your musical ups and downs. Those that do reap the rewards and personal satisfaction that come with being a skilled musician.


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