Why NHTunes Holds Recitals Twice A Year

Live performances are an important part of a well-rounded musician’s development. The ability to perform well in front of others does not come naturally for most people. Recitals are an important learning and development tool to acquire this skill.

The primary goal of our recitals is for the participants to have a good experience. It’s not all about the performance itself… it’s about how the performer feels about their performance afterwards. If someone has a positive experience, they’re more likely to sign up for future recitals. The more recitals they do, the easier it becomes for them to perform in front of others. We have seen over time that the first sign-ups for future recitals are those who have performed in past recitals.

NHTunes holds two recitals annually: a spring (May) and a holiday (early December) recital. The recitals are held at a wonderful venue, the South Main St church in Manchester. Students of all ages perform a variety of piano, voice, and guitar pieces. The recitals are free to students and their friends & family members.

We encourage all of our students to participate in our recitals, as over time those who do actually look forward to sharing their passion for music with others!

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