Five Things To Consider When Selecting A Music Lesson Studio

If you’re considering music or voice lessons, you already know that lessons can be quite an investment, so you’ll want to do some research beforehand to insure that the studio is a good fit, and a good value. We’ve put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 things to consider when selecting a music studio.

The Instructor Team

How is the instructor team? What are their backgrounds?

Five Things To Consider When Selecting A Music Lesson Studio

NHTunes has twelve qualified music and voice instructors

First off, you want to make sure your instructors carry the music education necessary to properly teach lessons. At the very least, a formal music education insures that music fundamentals are understood by the instructor, and are taught properly to the student. At NHTunes, our instructors have, at a minimum, a BA in music, with some a Master’s in Music Education.
You’ll also want to check on an instructor’s teaching and performing experience. While a new instructor can do a great job teaching, an instructor that has both taught and performed for years can be an incredible asset for the student. All of NHTunes’ instructors come to us with prior teaching experience, and most have performed for many years. You can learn more about our team HERE, and simply e-mail us if you’d like to meet with a particular instructor before setting up a lesson.
Other Opportunities For Students

Outside of your lessons, what else can your music studio offer you to help with your musical development? Are there performance or other opportunities?Can I network with other students?

Five Things To Consider When Selecting A Music Lesson Studio

NHTunes offers many opportunities for students to build valuable performance experience

NHTunes offers their students several options that are at no additional charge to the student. We run monthly offsite recitals to build a student’s performance experience (these recitals are held mainly at nursing homes and similar venues, and are free for both the homes and students – a great community service!). We run a monthly ‘adult jam’ in our recording studio for adult players to jam and network. We also run a formal Holiday Recital each December. This is a formal recital in a rented church, and is open to students, their families, and friends. It’s an event that is guaranteed to get everyone in the holiday spirit!!
See more on our performance opportunities and training HERE.
The Studio 

Is the studio itself clean, comfortable, and professionally equipped? Is it in an easy-to-reach location, with parking available? Is it handicapped accessible?

Five Things To Consider When Selecting A Music Lesson Studio

Our clean and comfortable professional music studio is located in Manchester’s historic mill yard

NHTunes prides itself on it’s recently renovated 1800+ sq ft. professional music studio, located in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester’s mill yard. The building itself is handicapped accessible, featuring ramp and elevator access, along with free parking. Our studio has six fully equipped lesson rooms, complete with security cameras and A/C feeds in each room. The lesson rooms are treated for sound isolation, and four of the six feature full sized student pianos. We have a large and comfortable waiting/reception area, and free water. You can walk through our studio online HERE.
How much do the lessons cost? Are there any up-front fees? Do you have any ways to save on lessons? Do you accept auto-pay?
Of course, you’ll want to know the cost of lessons up front, and if there are any registration fees. You’ll also want to know if the studio offers any money-saving options, like bulk purchases. And of course, how does the studio accept payment?
NHTunes is one of the best values in Manchester for music or voice lessons. Our half hour private lessons are very competitively priced at just $29.50. You can purchase a single lesson HERE, with no additional commitment.  And, there is NO registration or other fees! Continue to take lessons as-needed, or if you decide that you want regular weekly lessons, monthly tuition is just $118. We offer a 10% discount for families, or students taking hour long lessons. You can pay for your lessons with cash, personal checks, or any major credit card. We also offer convenient auto-pay.
You can get started with a money-saving gift certificate HERE. A three-lesson package is just $68!


The OwnershipFive Things To Consider When Selecting A Music Lesson Studio

Why should it matter to me if the studio is locally owned? 
Who owns the studio should matter to you. Why? Because locally businesses better serve your community, and supporting your local businesses will benefit you and your community. For example, when you shop local, for every $100 spent, roughly $68 to $73 of it returns to local activity (compared that to about $43 from chain stores). When you shop local, you are stimulating the local economy with your support and in turn, helping shape your community’s unique character and personality. With your support we are able to keep our teachers, who live locally, teaching! We also pay our taxes back to the community, not to some corporate office in another state. And, smaller locally-owned business offer you more accessibility should you need it. Do you want to speak with the owner of NHTunes? Call Bob at 603-660-2208. Try getting that level of accessibility at a major chain music store!
Please consider shopping local when products or services that you need are available from a locally-owned business.
So, those are five things to consider when selecting a music lesson studio. We hope that this will help you when selecting your music studio! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by calling the studio at 603-660-2208, or you can contact us HERE.
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