Learn Voice Over!

Learn Voice Over

Experienced voice actor Shane Watkins teaches our one-on-one class

Learn Voice Over at NHTunes! If you are interested in exploring a career in Voice Over, our experienced, expert instructors will get you started! Our in-studio learning options include one-on-one private training, or a group course.

All courses take place in our professional studio, which is located in the Manchester mill yard just off on I-293.

One-On-One Training

Our one-on-one option allows for a customized curriculum based on the student’s experience level and goals, and will cover the following topics; invaluable information for those looking to get started in the exciting field of voice over acting:

  • The different types of Voice Over acting (i.e. audio books, commercials, corporate, etc..)
  • Practicing routines and vocal exercises
  • Creating effective demos
  • Home studio setup
  • How to audition
  • Setting up your own business
  • Marketing and branding (finding jobs)
  • Agents and agencies
  • More!

You can schedule your one-on-one training HERE. If you have questions, feel free to contact us HERE.

Voice Over Course

Learn Voice Over

Experienced voice actor JC Haze teaches our Voice Over course

When you sign up for our “Intro to Voice Over” course, JC Haze shares his wealth of knowledge to help you get started in your OWN voice over career! JC will coach you through scripts and help you be the best voice actor you can be!

You’ll learn:

  • How to voice commercial copy and narrations
  • Pay-to-Play websites
  • How to audition
  • How to dissect a script
  • Multiple-person scripts
  • How to build your OWN studio, for UNDER $500
  • Marketing in voice overs
  • What Casting Agents look-for
  • What a voice over demo should sound like
  • How being an ACTOR can help you be a great voice over.

And much more!

This is a four-week course which is run on Monday evenings, 6-8pm . You can see our next course dates and sign up HERE.

Learn Voice Over at Manchester’s premier studio, NHTunes!




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