Professional Podcast Editing

NHTunes recording studio offers professional podcast editing, mixing, and mastering to businesses and pro podcasters. Why use a service for your podcasts? Professional podcast editing and mixing can turn a mediocre sounding podcast into a great sounding one!
Professional Podcast Editing
Our professional podcast editing and mixing service includes:
  • Full listen-through and editing where needed (w/supplied script)
  • Removing any ‘pops’, ‘clicks’, ‘breath’ and other ambient noises
  • Equalization adjustments where necessary for the best tonal balance possible
  • Compression to smooth dynamics (i.e. balance the volume level throughout)
  • Mixing intro and outro music if applicable (included in price if supplied, extra if not)
  • Insert ID3 tags into MP3 files
  • Mixdown for approval by client
  • Mastering: After the mixdown is approved, mastering (included) will bring volume levels to industry standards
How does our professional podcast editing service work?
  • Record your podcast. Use the best microphone you have available, and a treated room if possible (often, in a pinch a closet will do). Remember, the better the recording, the better the final product. A badly recorded track will never sound ‘great’ even after mixing and mastering.
  • If possible, record to 24 bit ‘wav’ files (16-bit if that is not possible). If you do need to record as an MP3, pick the highest bitrate you can (256K and up will suffice).
  • Book your podcast mixing below. Rates vary based on submission length. Pick the day and time that the editing will be performed when you book (note, we will need the files 24 hours in advance of the session).
  • Send the podcast file(s) to us HERE (based on the size you may need to upload them to a third party service like Google Drive, or Dropbox).
  • You’ll receive your mix back in a couple of business days. If there are any changes, they will be made and the mix sent back to you. Once it’s approved, we’ll master it, and it’s ready for you to upload on the streaming service of your choice.

Why choose NHTunes for your podcast editing?

  • Our professional recording studio is loaded with excellent equipment.
  • We have a great deal of experience both recording and editing podcasts, with hundreds under our belt (see sample here).
  • Our pricing is competitive and fair.

Book your professional podcast editing and mixing below based on the audio submission length (before editing). Pick the day and time in which the editing will be performed for you. Make sure you submit the audio (here) 24 hours in advance of the session.

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