Recording Studio Gift Certificate

Recording Studio Gift CertificateA recording studio gift certificate is a GREAT idea for musicians and vocalists! Recording time in our professional recording studio is fun experience all its own, and the results are always professional! Whether an up-and-coming vocalist, a  singer-songwriter, or a band member, a recording studio gift certificate will be a gift that will be remembered for a long time after the session.

Recording Studio Gift Certificate

Our professional mixing console and treated room insures a great sounding mix that will translate well!

NHTunes makes it EASY for vocalists to get a professional recording of themselves singing! Vocalists will bring in their backtracks and record their voice in our professional recording booth (if needed we will direct them to where they can purchase the backing tracks, which are just a couple of dollars each). The vocalist will leave the session with a professional mix of their song(s) as high quality MP3s.

More information on voice sessions and backing tracks HERE.


Recording Studio Gift Certificate

This is a shot from booth #2 looking out to the studio.

Singer/songwriters and bands can record single songs, EP’s or full releases in our studio.

A recording studio gift certificate can be purchased below (scroll down to Studio Time options). You will receive your gift certificate via e-mail within 24  hours after purchase. The lucky recipient can use our online scheduler when they are ready to book their session!

Our 1800+ sq. ft. studio is located in Manchester’s millyard; 250 Commercial St. suite 2017, Manchester NH 03101. Our large, comfortable and professional studio features some of the best equipment available, as well as a variety of instruments available for our client’s use.

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